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My name is Sam Evans, and I am an offroading enthusiast. I ride mountain bikes, dirt bikes, quads, and I own a Jeep. I created this website to have all my favorite trails easily accessible in one place and share some blog posts with my friends. I then decided to add new features, like write for us. I know there are tons of people like me, who are interested in offroading, so the website seems to be attracting some visitors.

This is not a business site or a club site. It’s just a one-person operation, simply to share my passion for offroading.

If you would like to write something on this website,  you can visit here for details: Write For Us, but it would have to be something directly related to offroading.

This site is designed as a place for all offroading enthusiasts to find great trails for the next ride, share experiences, meet and exchange ideas, find offroading related businesses in the area, and post.

No matter if you’re into mountain bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, Jeeps or 4X4 trucks, you’ll find many great features here.

All comments, posts, and forum topics must be related to offroading ONLY, and are subject to admin approval.

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