Top 8 Important Tools You Need for Off-Roading

If you are the kind of person who spends every weekend, holiday, and vacation going off-roading, you are probably familiar with what gear is needed for a successful trip. However, if you are new to off-roading or have been prone to unfortunate mishaps, you may be curious about what essentials to take when you head out. Fortunately, there are quite a few tools and accessories that you can bring along that will increase your off-roading enjoyment and minimize the amount of time you spend stuck in the mud or snow.

Before acquiring any of the things listed below, you should make sure your vehicle is equipped with some essential features. Most importantly, vehicles should always have a good winch and plenty of storage space, whether from a roof rack or other customization. Beyond that, there are several key accessories that you will need to keep yourself from getting stranded, including the following:

Recovery Kit

A recovery kit is an absolute must-have for anyone planning to go off-roading, especially if the vehicle is not equipped with a winch. Recovery kits have a few handy items for off-road enthusiasts, including a recovery strap, a couple of shackles, gloves, and a recovery bag to store the items in the kit. Using a strap and shackles is the easiest way to free a stuck vehicle without a winch, so the recovery kit must always be securely stored where the driver can reach it easily.

High Quality Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist 14T Dyneema Soft Shackle

The Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist is an absolute winner! the 12mm Dyneema is rated at 14 tonnes minimum breaking strain and with a super heavy duty braided tight sheath over the Dyneema core, this shackle is built to take some abuse.

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Shackles will be used to connect the strap to both the vehicle that is stuck and the one responsible for freeing it.

Work Light

Off-roading is thrilling, but it is not without its trials. Problems can be unpredictable, so it is best to be as prepared as possible for any outcome. This includes having to be out after the sun goes down. Having a high-quality work light ready to go will make any recovery or repair go a lot smoother in the dark.

Having a reliable offroad emergency light is essential in recovery assessment and executing solutions.

Offroad Recovery Device

A recovery device is a must-have tool when going off-roading. When a vehicle gets stuck somewhere, using a winch or recovery straps to move it involves excessive force and a failed rescue attempt could result in vehicle damage or serious injury. Instead of pulling a stuck vehicle out, off-road enthusiasts can use a recovery device to make the job a lot easier.

Tyre Deflator Kit

Tyre deflator kit is a quick and simple way to check pressure and deflate yout tyres accurately to the desired pressure for the terrain you are driving on. Comes in a handy plastic case with a free valve tool and spare valve caps to keep the mud and sand clear of your valves.

Offroad Expandable Winch Recovery Kit in Storage bag

The Redroo Offroad Winch Recovery Kit is the best way to start your recovery gear collection especially when purchasing a winch for the first time, it’s vital that you have the basic recovery items to safely perform winch recovery. We have figured that aside from just having the basic winch recovery gear to connect to an anchor point safely and perform a double line pull, you might also want to add other tow recovery items like snatch straps and give you more options for winch recoveries by adding a winch extension strap at the same time of purchase or later down the track. The items are available for purchase seperately on the website.

carbon 12k 12000lb electric winch with synthetic rope

Carbon Winches 12K Winch is a 12000lb line pull winch and can meet the rugged demands of off-road and utility use in Australian conditions. It is designed to deliver the best value, reliability and service life for a winch user. The main features include:

• 6.2 HP Series Wound motor

• 216:1 ratio 3 stage planetary gearbox

• Automatic brake in the motor housing drum plate provided load holding through the geartrain not directly on the drum – (No heat build up on drum)

• Rotating ring gear freespool clutch assembly which minimises freespool drag and completely eliminates clutch engagement issues.

• Power in and power out via a plug in hand remote or a wireless remote controller. Remote controller has auto off and failsafe operation features built in. The receiver is fully sealed and impervious to water.

• 500amp sealed solenoid unit and wired handle remote control and wireless remote control unit SPECIFICATIONS

Work Gloves

Work gloves are an often-overlooked accessory that makes off-roading repairs a lot easier. Fixing a vehicle out on the trail can be rough on a person’s hands, especially if the driver has to dig out a bunch of mud, sticks, and other debris before getting into the repairs. For the best protection, work gloves should be made of sturdy material with leather palms for gripping and water resistance. Make sure to bring low temp durable work gloves if you’ll be offroading in the snow during the winter months.

GPS Navigation System

Being out on the trails is a great experience, but the fun quickly subsides if you end up lost. While traditional paper maps are useful, they are easily ruined when exposed to the wet and dirty conditions found on most off-roading trails. Furthermore, a folded paper map is not the safest way to track where you are or where you are going while driving.

Make sure you have the other right equipment

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